Rabbi Katz strives to provide a pleasant, heart-warming & meaningful experience for the whole family celebrating in this beautiful milestone.

Bris Milah (Circumcision)

On the 8th day of life, surrounded by family, friends & loved ones, bring your bundle of joy into the covenant of Abraham with the ritual circumcision.

Pidyon Haben

Pidyon Haben, Redemption of the Firstborn Son, is an incredibly special ceremony that takes place on the 30th day of a firstborn boy’s life. If this is your firstborn child, ask us about the process.

Guidance & Support

From the first phone call until the bris aftercare, we’re here to provide you all the support and guidance you need so this will be the most pleasant and joyful bris you and your family can possibly have.

Rabbi Shmuel Katz is a certified Mohel, recognized internationally.

Rabbi Shmuel Katz is a certified Mohel, recognized internationally.

Practicing since 2014, he has performed hundreds of circumcisions and procedures across the United States of America, England & Israel. He originally apprenticed as a Mohel under the mentorship of Rabbi Shaya Richmond in New York. He then received further training at the London School of Circumcision where he was trained in dealing with unusual and more complex circumcisions. He then rounded out his training in Jerusalem, receiving Rabbinic Ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in the area of Milah and Geirus. Rabbi Katz holds Rabbinic Ordination in an additional three fields of Halacha as well as certification in Shchita and Safrus.

Rabbi Shmuel Katz performing circumcision

Helpful Docs

Helpful Docs